Current Clients – Discounted Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation – New and Improved


Current clients can continue their frequency work with a discounted photoanalysis. See detailed description below.

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As a former Prof of Preventive Medicine, our Chief Scientist knows $1 spent on prevention saves $10-$100 in later treatment. We also know that regular followup with scanning and frequencies increases health and well being and significantly reduces the need for visits to your doctor. In addition, the current COVID environment puts everyone at higher risk than in the past.

In order to encourage current clients to do more routine followup we offer a new discounted Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation which provides much more regular professional followup than our previous service.

  1. You will be contacted by a Registered Nurse to update the purpose of the consultation and your current health condition.
  2. Based on your objectives you will be scanned remotely by a Hunter 4025 or other scanner that will look at ever organ system in body and prioritize those than need attention.
  3. Pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, etc. will be identified in specific organ systems.
  4. Frequencies will be identified to neutralize these issues which are affecting your health.
  5. Advanced technology lab equipment will be used to transmit these frequencies to you or your environment.
  6. A Registered Nurse will contact you after a couple of days to review with you what was done, and update priorities for the next session.
  7. This process will be repeated each week for four weeks.

High resolution photos required are described in a downloadable document you can access after signing up for this service.

Frequency Research Foundation makes extensive use of the latest scanning technology. The Hunter 4025 is an amazing supplement to the previous Hadoscan technology. Combined with the latest Intel I7 processors it scans about 50 times faster. This technology has been shown in Russian clinical trials to be 3 times as accurate as radiology exams.

Frequency Research Foundation has one of  the largest frequency databases in the world which will  be scanned for the precise frequency set for an organism and its specific strain. The precision is extraordinary and the health effects are often immediate, but nothing is guaranteed in healthcare.



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