Allergy Relief: Using the FSCAN to eliminate pollens and mold

Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 03:28:15 -0000

From: “jsutherland”

Subject: Pollens

I’ve been using the FSCAN for several years now and the more

interesting things are the unexpected results I find with it. On the

Rifers list I mentioned last year that pollens can be killed with

the FSCAN and it eliminates the allergic response.

Right now the pollen count in the Boston area is medium and it is

heading to high by mid week. While says it is mostly

tree pollens, the offender for the last couple of days is actually


This was determined using Delisos homeopathic allergy kits. I have a

complete set and the one that eliminates symptoms is North Atlantic

Mold Mix.

Later I zapped with the FSCAN at 499583 and that also eliminates

symptoms. Tree pollens seem to be in the 497KHZ range and molds in

the 499KHZ area.

Walking around town today, the pollens induce lung symptoms, cough,

and I couldn’t carry my FSCAN around so I took one of Don Croft’s

Terminator II small zappers and stuck it in my belt. I think it puts

out around 15KHZ. It was pretty effective at eliminating symptoms.

This evening I put a microscopic slide on the top of the cylinder

that comes with the FSCAN (Mold types w.m. 25-7656 from and the combination of the frequency and plate

zapping with the slide eliminated all symptoms in about 30 seconds.

Extremely effective.

I always us homeopathic as complementary therapy and low potency

Antimonium Tartaricum in water sipped several times a day when

exposed is very helpful for the current pollen exposure in Boston.

These combination strategies can keep a very allergic person

completely free from allergy symptoms.

Tomorrow morning and the rest of the week when I go jogging in the

middle of the high pollen count will be the extreme test.

Jeff Sutherland

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