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    Animal Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation

    With the purchase of a Photo Analysis and Frequency Consultation, you will receive weekly scans for one month. Each session will generate frequencies for dealing with specific conditions and be remotely transmitted using the latest technologies. High resolution photos required are described in a downloadable document you can access after signing up for this service.

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  • Find That Frequency: Find or Develop Frequency Set for Specific Pathogen

    Create a comprehensive frequency set for a specific pathogen.

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  • Longevity Service

    Photo Credit: Salk Institute

    100% of licensed physicians in our program want the longevity service.

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  • A group of mosquitoes in a river Description automatically generated with low confidence

    Mosquito Elimination Service

    The FRF FrequencyShield Mosquito Elimination Service combines the principles of resonant frequencies, photoanalysis, and remote servicing to create an effective, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solution for mosquito control. Unlike traditional pest control methods that use harsh chemicals, FRF’s solution focuses on the biological frequency sets unique to each species of mosquito, thereby providing a targeted, safe, and efficient service. With a modest price of $99/month during mosquito season, it’s not just environmentally conscious but also budget-friendly.

    The idea behind FRF’s Mosquito Service originated from the endeavors of dedicated researchers, whose personal encounters with the debilitating Lyme disease spurred them to develop a solution to combat mosquito-borne diseases. To this end, they combined resonant frequency research and photoanalysis to systematically identify and eliminate hundreds of mosquito species.

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  • PhotoAnalysis Remote Rife Clinic

    The PhotoAnalysis Remote Rife Clinic offers a comprehensive health evaluation and frequency program transmitted remotely by advanced lab equipment. Improve your health and well-being with regular scanning and transmission of frequencies. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • PhotoAnalysis Remote Rife Clinic Plus

    This service provides two full=body scans per month PLUS manual translation of frequencies into programs for your own Rife devices.

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  • PhotoAnalysis Remote Rife Clinic Premium

    The PREMIUM service provides four full-body scans per month for specific health conditions or the longevity  or sick home service.

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  • Sick Building Service

    Discover the transformative power of the Frequency Research Foundation’s Sick Building Service, an innovative solution designed to combat Sick Building Syndrome and improve the well-being of occupants in both residential and commercial buildings. Our advanced remote scanning, customized frequency development, and dedicated support provide a comprehensive approach to create a healthier environment for everyone.

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