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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Smallpox: Dialogue from [email protected]

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 07:52:40 -0000

From: “John”

Subject: Re: Re: Comments on postings on SIDS and measles

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>From: “jsutherland”


>Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 10:36 PM

>Subject: [SymphonicHealth] Re: Comments on postings on SIDS and measles

> John,

> The papers you posted on Smallpox were really interesting. This week’s

> New England Journal is entirely devoted to Smallpox and can be freely

> downloaded. They included some historic writings and photos. To their

> credit there were a couple of photos of people who were horribly

> inflicted with aftereffects of the vaccination, pointing out that

> Smallpox vaccination is not without risk.

I’ll have a look. It is one thing they can’t deny–vaccinia

Over 200 years they have had to admit that but the new vaccines are “safer” of course although they do admit smallpox vaccine is one of the most dangerous and even admit it was killing 20 kids a year. Which is why they haven’t jumped at vaccinating the whole country although they have 500 million doses–could happen though, depends on who owns the stock I suppose.


> In the case of the historic homeopathic experience, Robin Murphy

> quotes similar material in his tapes over and over for many different

> diseases. He has spent a lot of time digging into old journals in

> major U.S. hospitals that were former homeopathic hospitals and may be

> able to provide references. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to

> Murphy’s records.


> The papers you posted make my point. Homeopathic treatment can work as

> well or better than vaccination without vaccinations nasty side

> effects. Not only that, it can cure the vaccinated patients that come

> down with Smallpox.

Yes, and when you look into it they thought smallpox was less of a problem than measles. They make it into a wizard of oz disease to make out they have saved us from the wiz, and to be able to scare us when needed. They must have killed millions with the vaccines and by ignoring the real reasons for smallpox–poor diet, sanitation etc.

“In a recent number of the Leicester Free Press, it is said :-” So far as we are concerned in Leicester, a town containing 120,000 inhabitants, with many thousands of unvaccinated children, smallpox seems to be about the least dangerous of all diseases, and is not to be named by the side of scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, diarrhoea, or even consumption. If a case of small-pox is discovered, instant isolation is adopted, and during the last five years we have hardly had five deaths. That being the state of the case, one need not wonder that the fear of the disease should disappear, or that resistance to vaccination should increase.”–William Tebb 1881

I’ll have to get some of those Murphy tapes.

I have bought Coulters, vol 3 I think, but not much on measles in there.

Talking to a homeopath he says measles shouldn’t be suppressed anyway, and lack of it is a sign of energy weakness.