FSCAN: Eliminating Rosacea

Since the posting below to the Rifers group, I have seen mild recurrence of rosacea which is easily treated. I’ve found this parasite in other people who do not have rosacea. It seems to be endemic and will be passed between family members so entire family has to be treated. Is this case the cause is clearly a parasite. Other cases may or may not be the same.

From: Jeff Sutherland

Date: Tue Oct 16, 2001 5:13 pm

Subject: Rosacea update

After facial treatment by skin specialist at a spa, volunteer’s face was red

and raw. Tested for rosacea and found one more frequency in addition to

previous treatment reported on the list, which is presumably another form of

the organism causing redness. Remaining frequencies were within 100-200

hertz of treatment several months ago. Treating at the frequencies below

eliminated virtually all redness within a few minutes. Going from high to

low eliminates body burden. Going from low to high then eliminates the

remaining organisms before any eggs can hatch.

Treated with FSCAN with Carolina slide 31-4522 Human, Skin Nonpigmented sec.

lying on top of cyclinder that comes with FSCAN. This maximizes power

transfer to skin. FSCAN effects are not dependent on electrical current.

Holding electrodes near the skin has same effect, i.e. magnetic field around

the electrode does the work.

9551, 5133, 3311, 1131

After redness was eliminated, tested for herpes frequencies because of other

postings saying rosacea was curable by treating for herpes. Test was

negative. This case is not associated with herpes, or the parasite

frequencies also killed the herpes. Next time will test for herpes first.

Rosacea is one of the easiest conditions to eliminate with the FSCAN, and

with dramatic and immediate visual effect. Unfortunately, I did not have my

digital camera with me to document the change.

Jeff Sutherland

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