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Jeff Sutherland

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Allergies: Treating with Homeopathy and Electronic Medicine

Sutherland, Jeff. Homeopathic Trials (letter). British Medical Journal, 19 Dec 2001.

The responses to Taylor’s paper on the homeopathical allergic rhinitis is a fascinating portrayal of the controversy surrounding homeopathy in the medical community. As someone who has spent almost a decade funded by NIH doing cancer research and a co-founder of the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the early 1980’s, I have had a continuing interest in experimentation with complementary medicine for over two decades. Since I am now in the information technology area of healthcare, my clinical research program has to be self funded, and on my own time. However, it has led to some significant insights that might be pursued effectively by funded researchers. In fact, I am looking for a partner with a good microbiology lab as I write.

After completely eliminating my chronic severe allergies with homeopathy to the point where regular allergy testing produced no response (to the consternation of clinicians), I have moved on to comparing electromagnetic instruments to homeopathic effects. Many allergic responses can be terminated within two minutes by zapping the allergens with the right freqency. Homeopathy can then be used to prevent recurrence.

As another example, I can induce the same effect with Candida 100C as I can with treatment at the resonant frequency of Candida (usually in the 386KHZ range). This can be objectively measured by scanning with an FSCAN, an approved medical device in Europe, that pulses the body with various frequencies and listens for a resonant response.

So, treating with Candida 100C eliminates resonant frequencies with the FSCAN. Treating with the FSCAN at the resonant frequency produces exactly the same result. This is true for many other infections. In recent years, I have specialized in the detection and treatment of parasites and always use homeopathy as an adjuvant treatment since it immediately, and consistently improves repeatable results.

I believe these experiments can easily be replicated in any laboratory and could shed some light on the homeopathic response. So I am constantly amazed at the armchair philosophy expoused by researchers who have never done the experiments themselves to prove or disprove what they are saying. If there is anyone with a microbiology lab with a capacity to view results of treatments with homeopathy vs. frequency generators under a microscope, I would be interested in working together to resolve some of this ongoing debate.

Simple experiments could be done in vitro to demonstrate consistent effects. The research program could then move on to in vivo studies. Standard drug treatment could be tested against control groups treated with homeopathy, electronic devices, and a placebo. With a Ph.D. in Biometrics, I could help design the trial. My thesis advisor was John Bailar, M.D., Ph.D., the New England Journal of Medicine biostatistican for more than a decade. He might even give us some help if we had a convincing proposal.

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