Better Technology for Eliminating Allergies and Ear Infections

After curing all my allergies through methods explained elsewhere, the one infection that I had to ask my MGH physician for help with in the last five years was a recurrent ear infection. He gave me antibiotic drops which would eliminate it for a time.

Recently, when it recurred again, I asked myself what device in my arsenal did I have that was new. I had recently acquired one of Don Croft’s Terminators, a small zapper that can be worn on the body 24 hours a day. The ear infection was gone by holding the zapper against the ear for about half an hour.

It flushed out the perpetrator of this recurrent infection which was a parasite. As soon as it was exposed I could detect the frequency. My FSCAN and EM6+ Rife device made short work of it. This then released some heavy metals causing pain which I handled with Plumbum 30C (homeopathic lead) and oral chelation therapy.

So this was a situation where heavy metals had reduced the immune capability of an area that was chronically infected by allergies. Repeated use of antibiotics to cure sinus and ear infections only made things worse and a parasite infection found a cozy home in the region.

The Don Croft Zapper is very useful for preventing the allergies, which prevents the infections, etc. as indicated below.

Right now in Boston, tree pollens are causing widespread allergic reactions. The pollens (or a microorganism that is part of the pollen) causes the allergic reaction by growing in your tissues. If you kill it, the allergic reaction stops immediately. The exact frequency for current tree pollens in Boston is 496583HZ and this frequency is very stable.

The FSCAN can be used to clear your system. However, when you are out and about (unless you use some really interesting technology which I will not discuss here) you can carry a Don Croft Terminator tucked into your belt or somewhere next to your skin. This kills the pollen as it lands and prevents the infection.

I’m experimenting this year with cross country running in the middle of the pollen season, something I have never been able to do before. So far, so good.

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