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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Allergies in Washington, D.C. Area

Traveling to Washington, D.C., for a wireless conference, I came prepared for springtime allergies. As soon as I was out walking around for an hour I had the telltale signs of itching eyes and sinus drainage. Pulling out Delisos Atlantic Seaboard Mix and taking a few drops of this homeopathic remedy, my sinuses started to clear. I then tested myself for the frequency of the offending pollen which is 479644hz. Zapping my head and chest with the FSCAN completely cleared it up. Even better than the remedies. The allergens with this frequency get quickly into the blood stream and will infect other organs in the body so zapping the wrists also is important which will clear the bloodstream.

There is also some mold in the air. Delisos Eastern Mold Mix helps and 497537hz knocks it out. After working out in the health club in my hotel I zapped again for a couple of minutes to stay clear of allergen effects. On waking up in the morning I had a headache from another pollen I had not detected the evening before, probably because of low concentration. The frequency 465344hz cleared my head and eliminated the headache.

The latter pollen is specially not in Delisos Atlantic Seaboard mix. When I have time I need to nail down the exact pollen for each frequency.

I fired my allergist in 1990 when he said I needed to have a nurse come to my office every Friday to give me shots. That led me to allergy drops prepared by very fine grain testing for exact level of sensitivity to pollen (I’m allergic to all of them). This controlled the allergies, probably as well as shots would have without the nasty side effects. That was followed by homeopathy which not only controlled the allergies, but raised my energy level enough so that when tested for allergy drops several years later, I had no clinical response until we waited 30 minutes for the pin pricks to degrade my immune system. That was the end of allergy drops for me. It took me a decade to finally figure out the FSCAN is the ultimate technology, as least for pollens. These can be treated as an infection if you know the exact frequency.