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Yesterday morning was a perfect morning for running. The sun was streaming through my window as I put on my heart monitor getting ready for a cross country run. Pollen counts are very high and I set my FSCAN to transmit 485653, 483644, 488777, and 486563 for 5 minutes each. I put the electrode wires under my BioPhoton Integrator which will broadcast the frequencies to me as I run. There are two steep hills that will peak out my heart rate. In previous years, I have avoiding running at all during high pollen count days.

This is a great laboratory experiment, fully instrumented and wireless, running on a beautiful morning. I feel absolutely no effects from allergens. I have to slow down a little going uphill to keep my heart rate in the sweet spot. Getting back to my house I break off a maple tree branch and test it. The frequency is 488777. Back in the house, I test positive for pollens so I treat with the FSCAN until I no longer test positive. This was a short run to test the pollen defense strategy and my energy level is as high as before I started running.

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