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There are a number of good parasitology web sites at universities around the country. The thumbnail above is from a set of excellent images by Steve Upton at Kansas State University. All of these sites are careful to disclaim any alternative treatments and are careful to refer you to physicians. As one site says, the physicians and veterinarians are the ones making the big bucks to diagnose and treat these infections.

Well, let me relate a typical experience in this regard. A physician came to me for a consultation on a chronic bowel problem that her physician could not treat and told her nothing was wrong with her. I detected a parasite and sent her home with an FSCAN to treat it. She got immediate relief the first day and being a typical physician, set out to find someone who could diagnose and treat her “properly.” After visiting several physicians without success, she asked me what to do. I said you have a parasite infection, find a physician who is competent to detect it and insist that he find it. Finally, she found a physician practicing complementary medicine who sent a stool sample off to one of the two labs in the country that seem competent to diagnose these conditions (Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory). She brought back the detailed analysis with a picture of the parasite and the recommended antibiotics which had been tested against the parasite and found effective. Antibiotic treatment gave her some relief but has not eliminated her problem. This is not uncommon.

I’m not into relief. I’m into total extermination of the offending critters and have dealt with dozens of parasite infections successfully, i.e. clinical symptoms are immediately eliminated and they do not return. In some cases I have laboratory data from Massachusetts General documenting success. Dealing with parasites requires a very careful analysis and treatment strategy that will not become part of mainstream medicine for many years. The technology is not available and even if it were, the time and care required to deal with it properly would not be financially viable in our current health system. In any event, here are my latest observations on a very elusive microorganism that is as difficult to find and root out as Taliban in the caves in Afghanistan.

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From: “jsutherland”

Date: Sat May 4, 2002 4:48 pm

Subject: Parasite infections

Someday soon, I will update my parasite frequency list because it has grown to a couple of dozen common parasites. However, I have been working for months to track down a very elusive beast which has

to be treated for at least six frequencies or it simply grows back.

The frequencies were remarkably similar to some of Paul Jone’s frequencies for carpel tunnel which have been useful to me. Paul’s frequencies eliminated carpel tunnel pain but needed to be applied every month or so.

This parasite will migrate all over the body to get away from any treatment applied and is particularly painful in joints and feet.

It may be a tapeworm, which when blasted breaks apart. Most parasites have four stages in the life cycle that must be killed simultaneously. This has at least 6 different forms to eliminate.

My frequencies were: 375 443 566 686 777 876

These were found in blood, chest, stomach, hip, and feet in particular. Feet and hip were particularly painful after I blasted it out of hiding in a localised infection. This is a parasite that gets into the blood stream and can travel easily anywhere in the body.

Pain was completely eliminated with 10 minutes of treatment at each frequency with an EM6+ handheld plasma tube at the 150 power output setting.

My wife tested positive at the same frequencies.

A completely independent person in another state appears to have: 383 498 588 666 765 888

This suggests to me the following concerning the Paul Jone’s frequencies:

1. They eliminated my carpel tunnel pain because they were close to the right frequencies for the parasite causing the pain for enough of the stages.

2. They had to be repeated every month or so because they did not cover all the phases of the life cycle adequately at precise enough frequencies for my strain of the parasite.


1. To be most effective, i.e. quickly and totally eliminate the parasite, the frequencies must be exact (within 1 Hertz).

2. Different strains will have frequencies that are 10-50 Hertz from one another. Some mechanism for detecting effectiveness by scanning across the range of frequencies is required to zero in on exact frequencies.

Jeff Sutherland

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