FSCAN FAQ: How can a specific organ be treated with an FSCAN?

An important contribution has been made to the area of frequency medicine by Hulda Clark, who discovered “plate zapping.” She found that putting a microscopic slide of a specific tissue into the magnetic field of the electrical circuit caused power transfer to occur primary at the site of similar tissue in the human body. By putting a microscopic slide on the FSCAN imprinter, I found the same effect could be achieved.

Therefore, if you have a bacterial infection in the lung and you know the exact frequency, you can put a lung tissue slide on the imprinter and treat your body at that frequency with the FSCAN and get quicker and more effective results on the lung tissue. With the right clinical procedure with the FSCAN, it should be virtually impossible to die of pneumonia except due to medical error.

If you know the exact organism and can put a microscopic slide of the organism on the imprinter as well, you get a double barrel effect.

It is important to realize that other tissue in the body gets less energy transfer. Because of this, I treat the whole body first, then go to specific organs where I know there are problems.

If I have positively identified the organism, I can put the microscopic slide of the organism on the imprinter and be sure that the organism will be eliminated throughout the body with sufficient treatment at the right frequency. This is rarely the case, however, and in the case of a pleomorphic organism like a parasite with four distinct life cycle stages, you must have slides of each stage to get the desired effect, along with the exact frequency of each stage.

Finally, many if not most parasites release other organisms when killed, particularly candida. I often put a candida slide on the imprinter when treating parasites and Hulda Clark has extensive recommendations for slides of other organisms in her Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual.

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