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FSCAN FAQ: Why is a DIRP scan difficult to interpret?

The chart above is an FSCAN DIRP chart generated by scanning in Rife frequency range from 1-10000HZ at an increment of 1HZ. This scan contains octaves of resonance of every microorganism in the body, as well as resonances from ions in the body. Distilled water will resonant at specific frequencies, for example.

When this chart was presented at the Future of Health Technology Conference at the MIT MediaLab last September, some of the leading scientists on the planet had a chance to review it. They immediately pointed out that intrepreting this frequency data is a complex task akin to spectral analysis of physical specimens. Resonance is a periodic phenomenon which occurs at octave and harmonic frequencies. Often an offending organism causing a clinical problem is a very small peak in the midst of other larger peaks, and so forth.

This has caused some members of the RIFE community to view the DIRP function on the FSCAN an useless. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack if you simply scan across the entire frequency spectrum. However, it you know what you are looking for and where to find it, the FSCAN can pinpoint the exact frequency or frequencies for you in many cases.

I use the DIRP function as a crosscheck on frequencies obtained through the Cameron Aurameter as indicated elsewhere in the FSCAN FAQ. In addition, there are some cases where multiple strains of an organism with slightly different frequencies are causing clinical symptoms and treatment is not successful unless you hit every strain. The DIRP function has been useful in this regard.

Finally, when all else fails, I have done a scan an interval in the chart above, for example 1-200HZ and began treating every peak looking for positive clinical effects. This was helpful in flushing out problems and getting information needed to attack them more precisely. For example, most people will have tinea parasites in them from athletes foot or jock itch infections and may have had the infections almost from birth (maybe infected at birth!). These infections have been topically treated with many different medications. As a result, they are resistant to almost every treatment and have moved away from the feet or groin into more hospitable parts of the body where they are safe. The brain is a favorite habitat. Also, they have established a symbiosis with other organisms like candida yeast which makes it impossible to eliminate the parasite without eliminating the yeast and vice versa. And the parasites and the yeast suppress the immune system so they are relatively invisible to your normal biological defense mechanisms. Scanning and treating in the 1-200HZ ranges, flushing out the organisms, clearing away the underbrush of random viruses and bacteria, enabled me to obtain enough information to deal effectively with this problem. My conclusion is that tinea infections should never be treated topically because the cure is worse than the disease.

For more charts and graphs, as well as pictures of blood after FSCAN treatment, see Dick Loyd’s Royal Rife site.

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