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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Pollens: Purple and White Lilacs

I had dinner at Flora’s Restaurant (delicious Canadian mussels and slow cooked lamb) in Arlington, MA, at the bar where there was a vase of purple lilacs. My eyes were irritated and watering and since I’ve been tested as allergic to lilacs, I suspected them. When I got home the frequency 485797HZ was needed for both me and my spouse. Just to check to see if this really was from lilacs, I went outside and picked a white lilac off a bush in my yard and its frequency was 486877HZ, pretty close to the purple lilacs. Treating for the former frequency, I got a positive indication and it cleared up my eyes. I put a blood smear slide on the FSCAN imprinter and got a strong indication from the Aurameter that it was in my blood and traveling to other organ systems in my body.

After treatment, my eyes started watering again. I tested my shirt and it tested positive for lilac pollen. So my shirt was reinfecting me. Apparently, these allergens easily get into your clothes!

Firing up the EM6+, I ran the handheld plasma tube over my body like a security agent in the airport waving the metal detecting wand. Using the Aurameter as an indicator of effectiveness of the plasma tube near various parts of my body, I confirmed that the lilac allergens where traveling to various organ systems. If you make sure live pollens are not resident in organ systems throughout the body, you will completely avoid the tired and run down experience that allergic individuals suffer on a regular basis.