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Jeff Sutherland

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FSCAN FAQ: Allergy Alert

Pollens are off the chart in the Boston area today. Even though I have demonstrated that I can completely clear pollens from my system with the FSCAN while running, I decided not to run cross country this morning. Predominate pollens are oak (499868), birch (487665), and grass (476917). I’m allergic to all of them and even though I have a good air cleaner in my bedroom and slept with the windows closed, I woke up with a stuffy nose. Running the frequencies indicated for a couple of minutes each flushed out my sinuses, cleared my eyes, etc.

Pollens are various substances depending on the current state of the plant. They are living things that grow in your body like an infection. They get into the blood stream and can travel to any organ system in the body. They are easily neutralized with the FSCAN by treating at the right frequencies in the high 400KHZ range.

Because the pollen substance, even from the same plant, alters during the season, and because there are many different types of plants, it is essential to identify the exact set of frequencies needed for time and place. There are multiple ways to do this and the one I use has been discussed in a previous note.