FSCAN FAQ: Twitchy eyes and blurred vision

In a healthy person, twitching eyes and blurred vision can be caused by a parasite infection. My cat had a chronic eye infection that repeated prescription of antibiotics by the vet would not cure. In 1995, my eyes started twitching and occassionally I got some blurred vision.

Zapping will start parasites moving around and some of them cannot be killed without an exact frequency. Particularly in the head, the Clark herbal program will not always eliminate them.

After seeing an opthalmologist (who could find nothing) and experimenting with this infection for a couple of years I concluded that the cat and I both had the same parasite infection. My doctor concluded that I had either a psychological problem or was allergic to cats (these guys/gals are really idiots sometimes). I had an allergy clinic retest for allergies to cats which was negative.

After a few years of experimenting with the FSCAN (I did not have the expertise that I have now), I happened on a frequency, 455700 at a ski resort in Utah in 2001 that immediately cleared my eyes. I went home and cleared up the cats eyes right away. The cat was so happy, she would repeatedly ask me for more FSCAN treatments.

So I was six years with a lot of aggravation due to the limitations of modern medicine.

I also needed to identify the other frequencies for this parasite. There are typically four stages in the life cycle and all must be dealt with simultaneously or the infection reappears. Plate zapping with the optical nerve is also particularly helpful.

For those without an FSCAN and the capability to quickly identify exact frequencies, a parasite infection in the eye will often cause a fuzzy spot on eyeglasses. Eyeglasses serve as a petri dish for growing the parasite. Today, I would get a sample from the glasses and send it to the Smokey Mountain Parasitology Lab for identification rather than dealing with the average physician who is really not equipped to deal with such infections. Typical lab capabilities may be useful for getting your cholesterol readings but not capable of culturing or identifying most of the chronic infections that people are suffering from.

It is important that people with parasite problems who wear eyeglasses get a sonicator and regularly clean them in the sonicator. Some of these parasites are very contagious and simple washing of the glasses will not always eliminate them.

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