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Jeff Sutherland

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FSCAN FAQ: Preventing Appendicitis

There are quite a number of unnecessary surgeries for appendicitis and they are not without risk. You can die from side effects, like nosocomial infections, which are much more virulent in hospital settings because hospital patients do not move around to reinfect others. They lie still and the nurses and doctors reinfect others. That means organisms which immobilize an individual are spread rapidly in a hospital, whereas in the wild, so to speak, the person would die without infecting very many other people. This has to do with rapid genetic evolution of strains of organisms causing more virulent strains to spread more widely in hospitals. In World War I, there were almost twice as many dead from this factor than the 10 million killed by enemy fire. More details and references on this later, but I digress …

FSCAN users need never get sick enough to find themselves in the emergency room where a doctor has to make a quick decision with insufficient information. Better to give you unnecessary surgery than have you die of appendicitis and get sued. Always ask for a scan first. The literature shows this substantially increases your odds of a correct diagnosis.

Take a microscopic slide of an appendix and put it on the FSCAN imprinter. Do a scan and it will preferentially pick up hits from the appendix. Then treat with the appendix slide on the imprinter and impedance will be better matched to tissue like an appendix causing more energy transfer to that tissue in your body. Periodic scanning and treating will signficantly reduce the risk of appendicitis, i.e. it should never get infected and hurt. If it does, better see your physician.