FSCAN FAQ: Cancer Frequencies

Cancer is a life threatening phenomenon and should be treated by a professional. However, tumors typically go through at least three pre-maligant phases, often over an entended time period of many years, where cancer frequencies may be detected. By eliminating all evidence of these frequencies in the body, a maliganant tumor may be avoided. The attached note shows one approach to this problem.

To: rife@yahoogroups.com

From: “jsutherland”

Date: Thu Aug 1, 2002 11:06 am

Subject: Comments on 11.7M frequencies

I’ve had the opportunity to test out the FSCAN and EM6+ on a variety of tumor types recently and found that pinpoint accuracy on the cancer frequencies is essential.

First, eliminating the 2008, 2127 organisms is essential to stop tumor growth and initiation of new tumors. The 2127 frequency is stable. However, it is often necessary to knock out strains of the organism at each frequency between 2003 and 2009 to eliminate all of it.

It appears that these organisms when confounded with parasite infections are very difficult to eliminate, as the parasites become infected and server as a recurrent source of infection. So sets of parasite frequencies may be essential.

Then I go to the 11.7M range. Here, I find a different specific frequency for each tumor and metastasis. Not having the exact frequency means you will not knock out the organism which behaves like a fungus. Since I am limited to the EM6+ and FSCAN I can only treat below 10000 with EM6+ and below 3M with the FSCAN. I treat every octave of the exact frequency in the treatement range of these devices until there is no detectable response.

This gives very good results on localized tumors, particlarly on the skin. Internal tumors are much more difficult to deal with.

In any event, the lack of exact frequencies is going to give very mixed results for different researchers using the 11.7M frequencies as they are much more highly variable than the 2008,2127 frequencies, yet appear to be essential to deal with for tumor elimination.

I have also experimented with multiple auxiliary modalities, many of which prove to be palliative and confirm a lot of folklore. Homeopathy I use in every case and seems to be essential at least to eliminate tumor mass, if not an essential part of curative process itself.

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