Nutrition: How it can eliminate over 50% of illness

In futher support of my argument that 50% of hospital days and clinic visits can be eliminated by nutrition and/or exercise, consider the considerable impact of nutrition on the immune system of older people.

“In the elderly, impaired immunity can be enhanced by modest amounts of a combination of micronutrients. These findings have considerable practical and public health significance.” Chandra, RK. Nutrition and the Immune System: An Introduction. Am J Clin Nutr 1997 Aug;66(2):460S-463S

For example, giving elderly subjects a low potency multivitamin/mineral supplement vs. a placebo for 12 months showed enhanced immune response in the supplement group. This was correlated with direct clinical benefit. The mean number of days for infectious illness was 23 days in the supplement group and 48 for the placebo group. And antibiotic use in the supplement group was an average of 18 days vs. 32 days in the placebo group. So minimal vitamin supplementation in the elderly directly enhances immune function leading to elimination of over 50% of illness and 50% of drug use. Chandra RK. Effect of vitamin and trace-element supplementation on immune responses and infection in elderly subjects. Lancet 1992 Nov 7;340(8828):1124-7

Your physician will not ensure that you take advantage of this benefit. You must take responsibility for your own health.

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