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Jeff Sutherland

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Electronic Medicine: Eliminating the Flu Virus

The flu is difficult to treat with a frequency device like the FSCAN because any serious flu has multiple faces. I have seen this enough times now that the pattern is clear.

Last week a flu started in our office that has put almost every individual out of work for a least a day. I detected the frequency immediately and warned people to take oscillicosinum, since the initial frequencies in the 360KHZ range were treatable by that homeopathic remedy and most people don’t have a frequency device. The lower frequencies in the 250KHZ range which develop later are not treatable with oscillicosinum which explains why this remedy is most useful at the onset of the disease.

I went home with the virus and infected my wife. The next morning she had intestinal problems. I went home at noon and cured her. I then cleared myself of all viruses every night as soon as I came home to avoid reinfecting her. I still had the problem of sitting in meetings every day with infected people.

An allday meeting last Tuesday demonstrated clearly the clinical pathway of this flu. As soon as I had symptoms (runny nose, chest constriction, or sneezing), I left the meeting, detected the frequency, cleared it from my system and went back into the meeting. By the end of the day, I had this frequency set.









In order to clear all symptoms of this flu, you must treat all of these frequencies. My hypothesis after working with this problem during the past couple of years is that all these frequencies are one disease. The time period is too short for the virus to evolve and I have seen the same frequency pattern months later in people who were not able to eliminate the flu from their system and had a chronic chest problem.

You must be able to detect the exact frequencies to treat effectively. The frequencies above are one example and another flu will have a different frequency set. Just as flu shots are often ineffective because the strain of the virus may vary, unless you get the right frequencies, the FSCAN will be just as ineffective.

To make things more confusing, there are a number of cold viruses running around in the same frequency ranges. They are easy to eliminate in a few minutes with the FSCAN. The flu is not easy to eliminate once it gets a foothold in your physical system so you can distinguish between the cold viruses and a flu.

There are also interesting opportunistic infections that arise. For example, I had a sore throat with this flu for several nights. It took me a while to figure out the sore throat was not the flu virus, but a parasite infection that proliferated due to the assault of the flu on my immune system.

So a bad flu is a tricky disease to eliminate. The good news is that it can be done. The bad news is that it is tricky enough that you may give up and resort to Nyquil!

Finally, I have an F100 device that is very useful for treating multiple frequencies simultaneously. It is fully programmable and can be driven by a computer or a Palm Pilot. I program it as follows:

dwell 20

lable loop

376675 367739 367655 364775 253333 276735 355644 253333

goto loop

Treat until done, i.e. no more symptoms.