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Jeff Sutherland

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FSCAN FAQ: Giardia

Recently, a member of [email protected] asked about treating Giardia. This is a nasty parasite that requires careful clinical technique with a frequency device.

Last April, I treated residual Giardia infection with:

7755 6787 5758 4797

These were frequencies for a specific strain and frequencies may vary for other infections. If you have the right frequencies, treating for 10 minutes at each frequency for a specific area of the body where the infection is located should do the job. For systemic infections, repeated treatments and plate zapping will be required (see below).

Giardia is particularly adept at moving throughout the body and finding a place where it can survive, particularly in hip muscles. I have treated several Colorado athletes with residual Giardia infections in the hip muscles that were impeding their athletic performance in Triathlons. Almost everyone in Colorado is exposed to Giardia through the mountain streams.

I often use plate zapping to focus the energy on specific tissues by taking a microscopic slide of the tissue and putting in the circuit. This can be done easily with an FSCAN by laying the slide on the imprinter which comes with the FSCAN. On my EM6C plasma device, the same effect can be achieved by placing the slide between the plasma tube and the treatment area.

You can also use microscopic slides of Giardia adults, two larva stages, and egg to focus energy transfer directly to the organisms.

Parasites like Giardia have four stages in their life cycle. You must eliminate all four stages simultaneously or reinfection will occur. The four frequencies are for the four stages.