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Electronic Medicine: Could Rife Technology Be Used to Treat Schizophrenia?

If schizophrenia is caused by a virus or other micro-organism, it should be easy to knock out with a Rife machine or an FSCAN.

Brain Storm by Tom Nugent

Standford Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003

“At Torrey’s Maryland research laboratory, some 490 human brains have been bisected, cataloged and stored in freezers and formalin-filled plastic buckets for use as tissue specimens. Harvested within 48 hours of the donors’ deaths, the brains come from victims of car crashes, heart attacks and suicides, most of whom had one thing in common: they suffered from mental illness.

“The brain bank is an important part of one of the most controversial investigations in modern psychiatric research, and a pet project of a man described by the Washington Post in 2001 as “perhaps the most famous psychiatrist in America.” Torrey, MA ’69, has spent two decades and tens of millions of dollars trying to prove that viruses cause schizophrenia.

“If a living psychiatrist can truly be called famous, Torrey probably qualifies. Many people in and out of medicine—hundreds of thousands have bought his book Surviving Schizophrenia—credit him for changing the establishment’s view of mental illness, advancing treatment and saving patients’ lives. He has also made a career of putting noses in the psychiatric community decidedly out of joint. For every scientist who lauds him as a courageous visionary, you may find one who thinks his ideas are, as one researcher put it, “bullshit.”

“Torrey’s contention that the delusions, hallucinations and scattered thinking symptomatic of schizophrenia are at least partially caused by “infectious agents attacking the brain” was once almost universally dismissed as unlikely, if not ridiculous. However, his research and advocacy have finally won considerable mainstream acceptance. Even the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), a favorite target of Torrey’s over the years, now allows that viral infections “may play a role” in schizophrenia…”

“There’s no doubt that germs play a much larger role than we previously thought in diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and Fuller Torrey makes good sense with his theories about how infectious agents can trigger some forms of mental illness,” says Paul Ewald, author of Plague Time: The New Germ Theory of Disease (Anchor Books, 2002). “People scoffed at him for a while, but his ideas are becoming more accepted every day.”

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