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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 18:47:29 -0500

From: “Jeff Sutherland”

Subject: RE: Fish Oil

With regards to Jerry Tennant’s comment on fish oil, I put it to the test after reading Dr. Sears book. There is a lot of medical research available to back up Sears statements.

In any event, I run regularly with a heart monitor. The first day after taking Dr. Sears pharmaceutical grade fish oil (OmegaRx), my resting heart rate dropped 10 beats a minute. Instead of my heart rate peaking on the monitor at which point I slow down, I find my legs get tired sooner that my heart now.

(I started with 2 teaspoons in the morning and now do one teaspoon morning and night for maintenance)

I’m 61 years old with a peak heart rate of 193 beats/min, about average for a 35 year old, so if it helps me it is going to help anyone. In addition, I noticed a significant increase in long term memory the first day of use. (Improvement remains with continued use, although not as dramatic at first few days.)

As a result, I now recommend to people:

1. A good exercise program

2. A high quality high potency multivitamin supplement

If they want to go the next step:

3. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil ( for capsules I use the new Canadian product (RxOmega3 Factors) purchased at which is a lot cheaper than Dr. Sears stuff (but maybe not as good).

4. Transfer factor Plus ( Check out data showing this supplement increases immune function about 5 times better than any previously tested.

If they still have anything wrong with them, we then go to work with energy devices and homeopathy.

My basic assumptions now are:

1. At least 50% of disease can be prevented or cured by the above. An interested side effect of this is, since the third leading cause of death is medical error, you eliminate 50% of the third leading cause of death, 50% of clinic visits, and 50% of hospitalizations).

2. Another 35% can be cured by alternative medicine approaches without resort to clinical procedures with energy devices.

3. At least 10% of the remainder can be eliminated with frequency machines of various types. I use the F100, FSCAN, EM5C+ rife machine. Have experimented a little with the Scenar and would like to get deep into when I have time to get to one of Jerry’s seminars.

5. The last 5% need conventional medicine, particularly surgery for obvious conditions.

I have promoted these ideas at some major heathcare conferences and dealt effectively with the flak that comes back from major granting agencies and scientific experts. There is enough data in the leading medical journals to make a good case for the above even in front of a critical audience.

At a couple of conferences this year, the CTO of Kaiser Permanente showed graphs indicating that there will be five times at many people over 65 within 10 years because of the baby boomers aging. Since people over 65 have 5 times as many clinic visits as those under 65, the number of clinic visits with go up by a factor of 15. There is no way that Kaiser can deal with this, so they are planning on radical changes in healthcare.

This is going to provide lots of opportunity for people on this ( list.

Jeff Sutherland

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