FSCAN FAQ: Treating the January 2003 Flu

The January flu is a bad one and taking out just about everyone for a few days in my office. Immediate treatment at first signs of flu with Boiron Oscillicocinum is highly recommended. I’m convinced this could virtually eliminate flu deaths which have radically increased in the last decade. One full dose tube every six hours for three doses. If everyone does this an epidemic in an office can be terminated in one afternoon. Alas, people insist on getting the flu!

Everyone should be taking Transfer Factor Plus. This will radically reduce your propensity to get the flu and you would not even need this program. See:


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Flu is difficult to treat with frequency devices because it appears at many different frequencies. Also the virus flushes out latent infections, particularly parasites who don’t seem to like the flu any better than humans. Parasites cause sore throats and sinus congestion that cannot be eliminated without eliminating the parasites.

My goal is to eliminate all symptoms within minutes with the right frequency set. It often takes a couple of days of agony to find the right frequencies. Once they are found, the flu is history, except for reinfection from friends and coworkers. Then a short run of the frequencies will eliminate reinfections.

The virus frequencies appear to be constant across individuals. The latent infections that are flushed out are peculiar to individuals, so you will not be able to eliminate all symptoms without dealing some individual frequencies.

Here is an F100 program that is essentially a death ray for this flu, at least for the few volunteers I have treated. I’m interested if others get similar results. The ability to control gating and dwell time radically alters treatment time. If you can only treat under 10000HZ, then divide by a factor of 2 to get a frequency in your equipment range. I have an F155 which can be used alone as a pad device, or to drive my EM5C+ tube device. I also have an FSCAN which is often useful and can drive the EM5C+ as well.

The program is a loop, so I let it run until “cooked well done.” This means all symptoms gone, particularly any nasal stuffiness. It may not be possible in a specific case if some frequencies are missing that are needed by an individual.

#Jan 2003 flu – bad stuff!

#Have you been taking Transfer Factor?

#Take three dose tubes of Boiron Oscillicoccinum 6 hours apart

#at first sign of flu

#F100 program below has removed all symptoms in several people

#Flu flushes out latent parasite infections

#Must kill parasites to clear some sore throat and sinus symptoms

label loop

# Initial Parameters. All frequencies

# for 3 minutes at 50% frequency duty cycle.

# This is Turf template with adjusted dwell time and duty cycle

dwell 5 #short dwell in loop generates cycling around the frequency

duty 10 #short duty cycle generates even and odd harmonics

# Frequencies above 20 run with a sweep

# of +/-4Hz of the target frequency

# Frequencies above 1250 pulse

# at 64Hz, 75% pulse duty cycle (gives much better results)

fuzz 4 1

pulse 64 75

#put frequencies above 1250 here>

#virus strains and associated pathogens for Jan 2003 flu

355533 386115 386251 386231 386110 386614 386555 268134 142675

34256 134315 353416 244222 252521 256324

243531 364443 164544 322663 242366 77442 353433 255174 363455

21750 253562 143355 245336 243115 311643 345662

#virus flushes out latent parasite infections

#parasites don’t like the flu either

#parasite frequency sets vary among individuals

#they have four life stages with four frequencies

#cause sore throats or stuffy nose

#here are a few I’ve used for specific individuals

#445536 335535 258755 164868

#435422 354213 264134 165365

#443150 304450 245242 142542

#475552 325432 264132 123345

#467674 366244 269765 156645

#462178 337675 279367 137938

# Frequencies 1250 and below pulse

# at 5% of target frequency at 75% pulse

# duty cycle (i.e. 1000Hz produces 50Hz

# pulse rate)

vpulse 0.05 0 75

#put frequencies between 1250 and 20 here>

450 477 530

# Frequencies of 20 and below have no

# fuzz or pulse

pulse 0 0

fuzz 0 0

#put frequencies 20 or below here>

goto loop

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