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Electronic Medicine: 30% of tumors “melt” when direct current applied

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:21:32 +0100

From: “Peter Walker” <[email protected]>

Subject: Electro carcinoma therapy


the following article was originally published in Germany (in German) and has been translated into English for release here. The use of electrodes to treat tumours is something the Rife community knows well. This article describes some German/Chinese research into using direct current for treating cancer.

Original article:

Alternative cancer treatment with few side effects: The Electro carcinoma therapy

The Electro-Carcinoma Therapy is a form of tumour treatment that is hardly known. So far, some empirical values and a first study are present. In the Marburg Institute for Natural Health Method uses the ECT and informs.

Diagnosis cancer: A shock for those affected. Even if medicine, in cancer research and therapy, has made unquestionable progress: we do not have this illness under control. Many of those afflicted are interested, additionally to conventional medical treatment, in alternative therapy forms.

Here there are many other possibilities that go beyond the more well-known mistletoe treatment. One is the percutaneous Electro-Carcinoma Therapy (ECT), also known as bio-electrical therapy (PRAY) or electro-chemical tumour therapy. It is used, among other methods, at the Institute for natural health methods (Institut für Naturheilverfahren) in Marburg, Germany.

The principle: weak direct current is applied to the tumours, which can shrink, as a direct consequence and even disappear completely.

From China, first results of a larger case study, which uses the ECT treatment with over 10000 patients in the period of 1987 to 2000. One of the central results: in just over 30% of the cases, it comes to the dissolution, and in somewhat more than 40%, to the reduction of the tumour. The individual success values hang thereby, among other things on the kind of tumour and size as well as the stage of the illness.

The Chinese medical profession apply the energy in particular by means of platinum wire electrodes, thus quasi with needles, directly into the tumours. In contrast; the Marburger Institute works almost exclusively with plate formed metal-Electrodes applied to the skin. “the use of plates is gentler, possesses a higher acceptance with the patients and is just as effective as the therapy with needles”, explains Dr. Bernhard Weber, head of the institute. First intermediate results of the local treatments seem to confirm the results of the Chinese study.

The Electro-Carcinoma therapy is a local, low side-effect procedure that can be treated on an outpatient basis. In the two to three hour treatment, energy flows through the tumour. Some patients need only two or three sessions before the tumour will “melt”, others need more. With the help of a special computer monitor program and controls, the physician controls the treatment and observes the procedures in the body and the growth. The medical skill lies in being able to place the electrodes in the correct

location and setting of the optimal amperage – this must be different depending upon tumour size, density and type.

ECT can and should be used, depending upon illness, together with other forms of treatment. In order to control the formation of secondary growths (metastases) with malicious tumours, Dr. Weber advises to combine the use of ECT with radio and/or chemotherapy. ECT does not replace good conventional therapy possibilities; on the other side ECT can be a new therapeutic chance where conventionally difficult or hardly treatable tumours and secondary growths are present.

ECT is suitable for both surface as well as more deeply located tumours, explains the institute für Naturheilverfahren. Secondary growths in bones cannot be treated as effectively with this method. Even if the tumour has already been pre-treated with irradiation or chemotherapy, the Electro carcinoma therapy can still be used.

Further information:

Institut für Naturheilverfahren & Naturheilkunde-Tagesklinik mit Schmerzambulanz

(Institut for natural health method & naturopathy outpatient hospital with pain clinic)

Contact: Dr. Bernhard Weber, email: [email protected]

Uferstr. 1, 35037 Marburg, Germany

Tel: +49 6421 68430; FAX: +49 6421 684350

Literature on ECT:

Dr. med. Rudolf Pekar: Die perkutane Bio-Elektrotherapie bei Tumoren (The percutaneous bio electrical therapy with tumours). Vienna, Munich, Berlin 1996.

Dr. med. Rudolf Pekar/Dr. med. Nikolai N. Korpan: Cancer. Vienna, Munich, Berne 2002.

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