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FSCAN FAQ: Treating Malaria with Oscillating Magnetic Fields

There is a circular magnetic disk attachment to the FSCAN that is useful for eliminating pathogens. Previous studies mentioned on this site have noted that both magnetic and electrical oscillating fields affect microorganisms with the magnetic field being the most important, at least for some organisms. Here is a study from Washington University showing how this effect can be used to treat malaria.

The approach in the article does not eliminate all the malaria parasite, but enough to control it. There is a good argument as to the mechanism. To eliminate all of the malaria parasite, you would need the exact frequency of the parasite for each stage of its life cycle and use plate zapping to eliminate it in places where it would hide out.

Magnets may revolutionize malaria treatment

Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a method of treating malaria with magnetic fields that could prove revolutionary in controlling the disease the World Health Organization calls one of the world’s most complex and serious human health concerns.

Henry Lai, UW research professor of bioengineering, says the malaria parasite Plasmodium appears to lose vigor and can die when exposed to oscillating magnetic fields, which Lai thinks may cause tiny iron-containing particles inside the parasite to move in ways that damage the organism.

“If further studies confirm our findings and their application in animals and people, this would be an inexpensive and simple way to treat a disease that affects 500 million people every year, almost all in third-world countries,” Lai said. According to the World Health Organization, as many as 2.7 million people die of malaria every year, approximately 1 million of those children.