SARS: Human metapneumovirus

The SARS caronavirus with frequency 33566 is associated with the metapneumovirus shown above from the University of Iowa Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. I’ve now seen the frequency for both of these viruses in multiple individuals. The metapneumovirus frequency is 255616.

The good news is that these frequencies appear to be stable across individuals and do not break into reconstituting fragments like a flu virus. The bad news is that they are likely to be spread by a parasite infection. This would be consistent with the droplet exposure phenomenon of SARS and the fact that certain individuals spread the virus more than others. I have seen more and more lung and throat parasite infections that spread viruses via a parasite in droplets after coughing or sneezing. The SARS infection is characterized by a dry cough which is common in a lung infection with a microscopic parasite. The deadly infections are likely a combination of parasite and the two viruses above. Those that die are likely to be more infectious because they probably have a severe parasite infection along with the viral infection.

I have killed a parasite infection in a person that tested negative for SARS frequencies. After killing the parasite, the individual tested positive for SARS frequencies. It was a light infection which was knocked out in a few minutes indicating it was probably released by dead parasites. This is typical of the Herxheimer effect that is seen when killing parasites.

By parasite, I mean a multicelled creature with four stages of its life cycle. The adult lays eggs which then grow through two larval stages. Each life cycle stage has a different frequency and all stages must be killed simultaneously to cure the parasite infection. The medical community is notoriously inept at identifying parasite infections. The leading parasitology lab in the country will only test stools samples (some of the worst parasite infections are in the brain), and only for certain well known parasite infections like Giardia. Even when identified, the conventional treatment for parasites has many negative side effects and does not eliminate all the parasites in the body in most cases. I have treated many people with residual Giardia infections, for example.

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