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New York Times: Are Internet Adds Taking Advantage of SARS Epidemic

While internet ads are definitely taking advantage of the SARS epidemic, the logic used to criticize some ads leave something to be desired. For example, some people do get infected with SARS and their immune system kills or suppresses it with no clinical symptomology. You die from SARS because your immune system cannot fend off the onslaught of the corona virus, the metapneumovirus, and a suspected parasite infection simultaneously. The inability of the immune system to deal with the viruses causes the lungs to fill up until you can’t breath any more. Then body systems start shutting down. There are plenty of radiology images in the literature that graphically show this happening.

Virtually all deaths from SARS occur in people over 40, some of them in good health. This is the age when the immune system begins to start degrading noticeably.

Since there is (apparently) no conventional treatment for SARS, the only cure for SARS accepted by conventional medicine is your own immune system and strengthening your immune system should be the top priority for anyone concerned about SARS, particularly if they are over 40, and even if they are (apparently) healthy. This is effectively done by a good exercise program and nutritional supplements. There are literally thousands of papers in the leading medical journals that support this statement.

The Life Extension Foundation provides a good review of the literature for documented effects of nutritional supplements and exercise on enhancements to the immune system. If you read it carefully, you will know more than most physicians. Even if your physician is familiar with this literature, you are not likely to get a recommendation to follow the advice in the literature. For example, surveys have shown that about 80% of cardiologists take Vitamin E supplements, whereas virtually none of them recommend Vitamin E to their patients. It is clear why cardiologists take Vitamin E. The large Harvard epidemiologic studies show significantly reduced heart disease in people who take Vitamin E supplements. It is not so clear why your cardiologist will not mention Vitamin E to you in most cases. The FDA has created an atmosphere of fear in the physician community that prevents them from recommending what articles in the leading medical journals demonstrate to be excellent treatment. Therefore, your health is at risk if you do not read the medical literature yourself.

However, there is a possible convention treatment for SARS. The Life Extension Foundation reports: “The U.S. government has released information stating that there is no effective treatment for SARS, yet the Chinese report excellent results using the drug ribavirin (sold in the United States under the brand name Rebetol®). According to Hong Kong health officials, at least 90 percent of patients treated with ribavirin have recovered.” Check out the Life Entension Foundation Protocol.

As for beta glucan mention by the New York Times, it will help your immune system but not as much as Transfer Factor Plus (which contains some beta glucan as a component). An individual with SARS reported some relief with Transfer Factor Plus. In any event, you can check out the New York Times article below.


Internet Ads Promising Cures or Protection

By MELODY PETERSEN, New York Times 14 Apr 2003

Young Again Nutrients, which also advertises on the Internet, says its supplement, Beta Glucan, can bolster the immune system and help protect against SARS.

“We’re just saying that a strong immune system is your best defense,” said John Livingston, the company’s chief executive.

But Dr. Turner said the company’s advertising claims were speculative. He said it was not clear that the product would actually strengthen the immune system, and if it did, whether that would even help against SARS. People do not become infected with SARS, he said, because their immune systems are weak.