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Jeff Sutherland

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SARS Update: What Works – Latest Update

After treating two volunteers for a week, I identified the last remaining fragments of the offending organisms. As soon as these were treated, all trace of SARS was eliminated. Daily treatments for 10 days are recommended. Testing and retreating every fews days to a week thereafter is recommended. This is a persistent infection and some of it will hang around for a while, even without any clinical symptoms.

SARS appears to be an an infection by three organisms, a parasite, a corona virus, and a metapneumovirus. The parasite appears to be the transmitting agent carrying the two viruses. It also appears that if the parasite infection grows rapidly in an individual, it (1) makes them more infective than others, and/or (2) depresses their immune system allowing the viruses to proliferate more rapidly causing higher risk of death.

This could be the reason that only those over 40 are at higher risk of death and that death occurs primarily in healthy people over 40. People are more susceptible to parasite infections as they age and even if you are healthy, this parasite can suppress your immune system and allow rapid proliferation of the viruses. Both the parasite and viruses are nasty and can cause pain where there is an infection. This seems to occur primarily in the lung, sinuses, and lymph nodes. However, the parasite gets into the blood stream and can travel anywhere in the body.

Oscillicoccinum 200C will help control proliferation of the viruses in the early stages. I’ve always argued that this homeopathic remedy would prevent most flu deaths and I believe it could prevent most SARS deaths.

The F100 program I am using successfully to deal with several cases, including animals who can be infected by the parasite transmitted from people, is:

label start

dwell 14

duty 10

converge 7 1

pulse 64 75


9563 6157 5513 3735 1559 #SARS parasite frequencies

33566 255616 #SARS corona virus and metapneumovirus

1556 2286 5763 8015 #SARS viral fragments

162 563 5613 5235 #SARS remaining fragments


goto start

I run this cycle until I no longer get a positive reading for any of the frequencies and all symptoms are gone. It needs to be repeated daily for 10 days.

The acid test is whether this is repeatable by others. Two individuals have already had significant success. Let me know if you find these frequencies useful.