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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

It’s pollen season again and two of the worst cities in the U.S. today are Hartford and Providence. I’m a little further north in the Boston area with a high count today in zip code 02144. Since I am about to practice for a 5K run, I tested on my deck and found only one offending pollen with frequency 484857. Using my FSCAN I entered the frequency with a wobble of 7 around the primary frequency. After putting the FSCAN leads under the input well of my BioPhoton Integrator to broadcast the frequency to me while running, I headed out the door. My heart rate was a little higher than normal for the first 10 minutes of the run, then stabilizes. When I returned, there was not a trace of active pollen in my system. The frequencies had killed the pollens as they entered my system.

This is yet another example that shows pollen allergies are the result of pollen organisms growing in the body. Your body provides an excellent immune response to try to kill the pollen organisms. Unfortunately, the immune response is ineffective in people with chronic allergies. The FSCAN takes the place of your immune system and makes short work of the pollens. If you are allergic to just about all pollens like I am, this is a true miracle of modern technology. Unfortunately, to conventional medicine, this is viewed as science fiction. Since I’d rather be healed than be believed, I fired my Harvard trained allergist 10 years ago and radically improved my health as a result. Caveat: This is not a recommendation to fire your allergist. You must be able to do a better job of healing yourself than your allergist and prove it conclusively before you adopt a new strategy. If you can’t demonstrate your healing capability to your allergist via lab tests, stick with conventional medicine.