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Jeff Sutherland

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SARS Update: Coronavirus Strikes Again on Airline Flight

Today I flew from Boston to San Antonio for a healthcare conference. I got lucky and was upgraded to first class. On the Atlanta to San Antonio leg, a guy in front of me had a cough. I noticed it but was not too worried about it because it was not a constant dry hacking cough. By the time I picked up my bag, I had chest pain that I recognized from a previous corona virus infection.

My FSCAN was in my luggage, so I got to the hotel as quickly as possible to do a DIRP scan to see if I could get a nice chart of the virus. My Cameron Aurameter was telling me it was definitely 33566 (coronavirus) and 255616 (metapneumovirus). By the time the shuttle was approaching downtown San Antonio, the chest pain was gone indicating I had some immunity to this virus from a previous infection.

On getting to the hotel room, a DIRP scan did not show good resonance. However my Cameron Auromater showed that treating at the frequencies above was effective and I had definite physical symptoms indicating the virus was present and treatment was working.

I had plenty of time to test for the bandwidth of the corona virus. For this infection it was 11HZ meaning treatment was necessary from 33555 to 33577. Treating an increments of 1 HZ caused all symptoms to disappear but the Aurameter indicated the virus was persistent.

Testing indicated the virus was on my face, my glasses, and the front of my shirt, just what you would expect from where I was sitting. I’m leaving my shirt out to see how long the virus will persist undisturbed on clothing.

The bandwidth of the metapneumovirus is 1HZ and that was knocked out by a few minutes of treatment with the FSCAN. The corona virus persisted (although all symptoms were gone) so repeated treatment is necessary. In this instance, Oscillicoccinum stopped replication of the remaining virus after treating for 10 minutes with the FSCAN. My immune system and further frequency treatment will be needed to deal with the remaining virus.

Oscillicoccinum tests positive for treating the corona virus in the early phases. You should not be without this homeopathic remedy which is available in any healthfood store. This in combination with Transfer Factor Plus to pump up your immune system may save your life. Many people have asked me how to get Transfer Factor and the best way is to call Dale Fawcett in Seattle at (360) 598-6585 and tell him I sent you. Everyone has access to these remedies, even if they do not have an FSCAN, and I believe they are sufficient to easily deal with a light SARS infection that you might pick up on an airplane, as long as you treat yourself at first signs of infection.

This experience confirms several things for me:

1. The corona virus can be transmitted through the air without the assistance of a parasite to carry it. Previous infections in multiple people were associated with a microscopic parasite.

2. The metapneumovirus has been with it in every case now, but is easily knocked out in a few minutes with the FSCAN. The coronavirus is the real culprit and treatment must be repeated for an extended period of time.

3. The corona virus has a rather wide bandwidth which is typical of a persistent infection which is difficult to treat and resistant to drugs. Oscillicoccinum combined with extended frequency treatment is the best way to treat this disease.

4. Be prepared. This disease is definitely coming to your neighborhood. It is already widely dispersed. The good news is that many people do not get seriously ill. The bad news is that they go undiagnosed and infect others.