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SARS Followup: Nerve Damage in SARS Survivors


Sars patients ‘suffer brain damage’ from steroid cocktail

By Adam Luck in Hong Kong

(Filed: 01/06/2003)

Psychiatrists believe that up to 50 per cent of surviving Sars patients may have early signs of possibly irreversible brain and nerve damage after steroids were used experimentally to combat the potentially fatal virus.

Recovering Sars patients in Hong Kong have suffered from hallucinations, manic behaviour, rapid mood swings and memory loss after being treated with large doses of steroids.

Many are doctors and nurses who have found their concentration and short-term memory impaired since returning to work. Sars specialists say that it is too early to tell whether the problems are permanent.


I checked two asymptomatic individuals who had exposure to SARS coronavirus. They both had residual virus in the brain and spinal cord confirming that the virus attacks the nervous system. Plate zapping for specific organ systems using SARS frequencies posted previously will clear it out and relieve lingering symptomology.