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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: About 50% caused by strep infections in children

This article supports one aspect of a basic principle that I am trying to articulate on this web site. The majority of chronic diseases are caused by pathogens. They can be eliminated by electronic devices. Recurrence can be prevented by the right exercise, nutrition, and supplement program.

Mental ailments in children being linked to strep

By Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff, 6/28/2003

ENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — Sammy Jelin, math whiz and natural comedian, sailed through fifth grade, a school enthusiast eager for the bus each morning. By the start of sixth grade last fall, he could barely make it to school at all: In just weeks, his world had turned into a minefield of germ phobias, invisible walls, and constant tics — hallmarks of obsessive compulsive disorder and Tourette’s syndrome.

By this May, Sammy’s mother, Beth Jelin, was nearing her wits’ end. Then an acquaintance mentioned that her son had contracted similar mental ailments through a streptococcus infection. The idea sounded wild, especially because Sammy had never had strep throat. But a prompt blood test did turn up unusually high levels of strep, and Sammy went on antibiotics.