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Jeff Sutherland

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SARS Update: Recurrence of Coronavirus

I am finding that anyone exposed to the coronavirus associated with SARS needs to be checked about once a month for recurrent infections. On testing a bad case of diarrhea in a person previously exposed to the coronavirus some months ago, to my surprise, the frequency was 33557HZ. This case did respond to oscillicoccinum 200C.

As previously reported, on 28 May 2003, I picked up what appears to be a new SARS coronavirus strain with frequency 33557HZ. The previous strain which was persistent across a number of people was 33566HZ. The current protocol which has been working well has been modified. The new F100 program is:

label start

dwell 12

duty 42

converge 6 1

pulse 63.5 74.7

33557 # SARS coronavirus new strain

33566 # SARS coronavirus

255616 # SARS metapneumovirus

162 563 5613 5235 1556 2286 5763 8015 #SARS fragments and harmonics

9563 6157 5513 3735 1559 #SARS parasite

goto start

The original strain 33566HZ responds to the homeopathic remedy Oscillicoccinum 200C in the early stages. The new strain does not respond to Oscillicoccinum but does respond to Delisos Influenzinum ’01 9C.

For units which can only transmit up to 10000HZ, divide by a factor of 2 to get an octave lower than 10000HZ.

This program loops through the frequencies and if run for 10-15 minutes will cause symptoms to begin to disappear in individuals infected with these strains.