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Jeff Sutherland

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Parasites: Watch out, they can kill you!

Summer is the best time for studying parasites. It is warm and damp near the beach and they grow well and fast. Recently, my father died and I was staying at his house on Cape Cod which is now being cleaned up and renovated. I reported previously that he died after falling from a brain hemorragh. The brain scan showed tiny points of bleeding all over the brain which really puzzled the clinicians. I had already diagnosed this parasite infection so it was no surprise to me. Unfortunately, my father was very sceptical of complementary medicine and would not be treated for it.

Following a 4th of July stay at his home, I detected a nasty parasite with five stages which manifested as itchy feet. Socks got contaminated and washing them would not remove the parasite. Only sonicating, zapping for exact frequencies, or bleach would eliminate them.

Frequencies for the primary strain of this parasite were 464054 348094 255154 135844 54323 with a secondary strain at 464224 380852 253544 173116 42245.

All frequencies must be eliminated simultaneously or the infection will persist. In most people this will be a lifelong infection. The microscopic image of Cryptosporidium parvum above is from the EPA web site. Using the Cameron Aurameter as a testing device, the frequency of the oocysts appears to be 255154, the nuclei in the oocysts 464054, and the lower two frequencies appear to apply to other contents in the photo. The multistage nature of the life cycle of this parasite can be viewed at the University of Waterloo web site.

The interesting aspect of this particular strain of the parasite is that it goes to valves in veins. My father had to have a heart valve replacement in the 1990’s. It was also associated with a second parasite released when killing the first with frequencies 415443 364415 256424 113542 86753. This parasite had the characteristic of going to the ears and disturbing balance. My father had gradually lost a lot of his hearing and was subject to more and more frequent falls up until he died.

These infections are familial and you have to eliminate them in all family members including animals. Most individuals will remain asymptomatic until their immune system becomes compromised. If itchy feet are treated topically the organisms seek hiding places internally in the body, particularly behind the blood brain barrier. And of course, if you mention you think you might have parasites in your brain to your physician, you run the risk of being referred to a psychiatrist.

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