FSCAN FAQ: Species specific frequencies

Frequency lists for specific organisms provide a starting point for investigation. However, the exact frequency of the organism that you are infected with may vary.

There are organisms that are fairly stable. For example, the corona virus frequency for SARS of 33566 was identified in multiple people and successful eliminated, although many repeated frequency applications were required, along with a whole set of other frequencies for associated organisms.

It was clear within a few days that there were strains of this corona virus as low as 33560 that needed to be hit to knock it out. Then two weeks later a significantly different new strain appeared at a lower frequency. This is suggestive of an altered genetic structure.

None of these organisms could be knocked out without an exact frequency within 1HZ. And the evolutionary cycle time of many organisms we are dealing with is weeks or months, not years. Have you read Paul Ewald’s books on evolutionary biology?

The SV40 virus, for example, has two different forms which you can see under an electron microscope. They have two different frequencies. They seem to be fairly stable across individuals, but you must have both frequencies and you must be able to deal with strains that appear at slightly different frequencies.

This is typical for dealing with all organisms. As soon as you knock out one strain, another proliferates. You must adjust to target a new frequency to nail the new strain.

Again, you must:

1. Be able to identify exact frequencies in real time (for all organisms, strains, and life cycle stages). Most chronic conditions result from the interplay of several organisms. You must nail them all.

2. Have a biological model that matches what you are dealing with. (How many life cycle stages does that parasite have? Is it a pleomorphic organism that has the same DNA but different forms? Do you have the right frequency for all stages or forms? Is candida or some nasty bacteria interacting with this organism to suppress the immune system? When you kill one or more organisms, what is released? Have you eliminated all sources of reinfection from you external environment and your internal environment? And so forth …

3. Develop a clinical protocol to fit the model. (What do you treat first? When do you treat it? How long? With what? Does the person need Transfer Factor to enhance their immune system for frequencies to be effective? What organ systems does the organism reside in primarily? What organs does it run to when you hit it? Is the device you are using penetration to the right organ systems? Many organisms will never be eliminated from the body without plate zapping. Candida will never be eliminated without zapping all octaves of a specific strain.

Virtually all reports of lack of success are related to these three issues. Herx reactions are also the result of not understanding what is released when you kill an organism and being unable to target the released organisms, unable to identify what organs are affected, and unable to transmit the right frequency for the right time in sufficient power to the right target organ.

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