FSCAN FAQ: Dirofilaria spp.

A note on the FSCAN list today asked about frequencies for eye floaters. A pointer to an Italian web site referenced the following parasites:

1 – Dirofilaria spp. (a)

2 – Onchocerca volvulus (a)

3 – Toxocara canis (b)

Taking a look at the first one, the image above is a thumbprint of a eye with a Dirofilaria spp. infection provided on the web by Drs. Biglino and Casabianca of the Asti General Hospital Department of Infectious Diseases. This is a parasite with a four stage life cycle. Each stage has its own frequency:

476656 344535 256235 155764

The bandwidth of this organism is about 16hz, i.e. you must treat 16hz above and below this frequencies. Each frequency will need treatment for about 30 minutes with the pads near the eyes.

For EMEM users, lower octaves must be used to get into the Rife range. The preferred driver device is an F100 and the program would be as follows:

dwell 1800

duty 50

pulse 64 75

converge 4 1





I tested myself for this parasite and sure enough, tested positive. Hmm, where would I have picked this up? Tested one of my cats who has a chronic eye infection and sure enough she has it. The other cat and other family members don’t have it so it looks like you must be susceptible to pick it up.

Click here for the FSCAN file I used to treat myself. It is a good idea to plate zap the optic nerve for any eye infection. I use a microscopic slide from Carolina (Human Optic Nerve c.s. 31-3828 (H6880)). Colors got a little brighter and vision a little sharper after zapping these critters.

The neat thing about eye floaters is that you can often see them floating in your eye, particularly if you stare at a plain light colored wall. When you hit them with the right frequency they change from a sharp outline and disperse into a black mist and disappear. I use to fly fighter aircraft and if you hit a target with a missile it looked very much the same. A sharp pointed object turns into a cloud of black smoke with fragments flying leaving a smokey mist that gradually dissipates.

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  • BONDGIRL Posted February 13, 2008 8:30 am

    If I don’t have a F-Scan, can I use a plate zapper to get rid of my eye parasites? If so, please outline procedure. Thanks!

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