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Jeff Sutherland

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More Questions on the Rife “cancer virus”

I continue to get email questioning the frequencies posted for the Rife pleomorphic organism that is almost always associated with malignancies. Why are there numbers greater than 10000? Why don’t 2007 and 2128 posted on web site work? Why are there so many frequencies? Are these frequencies in megahertz. And so forth …

The “Rife” numbers posted on web sites are actually numbers created by Crane, an associate of Rife. For some reason he divided Rife’s numbers by 10. For an equally strange reason, they work, but only for certain forms and certain strains of the Rife pleomorphic organism, now thought to be Bacillus licheniformis. From what I know, Rife never used numbers below 10000 in his own work.

The Crane numbers 2007 and 2127 are useful for killing certain forms of the Rife pleomorphic organism but strains of even these forms are as low as 2003 and as high as 2012 around the 2007 number, and if you do not treat at exactly the right frequency within 1 hertz, you can wipe out 2007 strains, for example, and still have living 2003 strains or 2012 strains remaining causing further promotion of malignancy.

Furthermore, treating at the Crane numbers does not eliminate the organism. Other forms at other frequencies remain, and the 2007 and 2127 forms keep on growing back. If you do not knock out all forms simultaneously, the organism simply regrows.

Recently, British scientists did DNA sequencing of the Rife pleomorphic organism. As a result, I was able to precisely identify frequencies of Bacillus licheniformis through microscopic photos. These frequencies have been added to the set because I have found that they are helpful for people know to be infected with the Rife organism.

After determining what was required to knock out all forms of the organism on many different people, I developed the numbers posted below which are in hertz, not megahertz. And you must treat +/- 6 hertz around this numbers.

Finally, my experiments indicate that the 11.7 megahertz frequencies, actually as low as 11.3MHZ and as high as 11.9MHZ are frequencies that interact with cellullar mitosis and cause cell death. These frequencies appear to be unrelated to the Rife BX/BY organisms. If they are precisely identified and treated, they appear to knock out malignant cell target populations. Unfortunately, cancer is a multistage phenomenon and there may be large masses of premalignant cells spawning small populations of malignant cells. Each malignant population has a slightly different frequency. It is helpful to knock out these populations as they appear but that does not “cure” cancer. The underlying premalignant cell populations must be dealt with and this usually means alteration of life style, diet, and other factors.

I use frequencies in the literature only as suggestions. Sometimes they work, more often they don’t. Organisms evolve and change, or have multiple forms, causing different frequencies to be required. You must know a lot more than you read to be effective with Rife devices. You must be able to test whether the frequencies you apply knock out the organisms you are targeting.

Many people do not get repeatable, predictable results with Rife technologies. In this endeavor, as in anything else in life, you must know exactly what you are doing and develop skill at it. Most people have unpredictable golf scores but we do not attribute that to the golf clubs they are using and we do not say that golf clubs don’t work for playing golf. Furthermore, getting new golf clubs usually doesn’t solve the problem of your golf game.

In the frequency domain you must:

1. Have a biological model of the organisms you are targeting with frequency devices. Chronic diseases are most often caused by interactions of multiple persistent organisms. All must be targeted simultaneously as they are mutually reinforcing.

2. Have a clinical protocol that precisely targets the relevant organisms with exact frequencies determined for the specific persons and organisms. Treatment times must be appropriate and power transfer must occur at the right level for affected target organ systems. Repeated treatment may be necessary for success.

We all wish we could turn to a manual and run a few “Rife” frequencies to cure a chronic condition that has taken us 20 years to develop, but it is simply not that easy. Becoming a Tiger Woods takes a lifetime of practice and an innate skill that is granted to few of us. Even playing at par takes a huge amount of work and dedication.

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