The Flu Can Kill You: Do you need a flu shot?

The publicity campaign for flu shots was launched today. Before you sign up for one you should review information at the National Vaccine Information Center. A recent Institute of Medicine studied questioned the impact of vaccinations on childhood immune systems. Also the vaccines have mercury, aluminum, and ethylene glycol in them as preservatives.

The flu can kill people of all ages and new research shows that some children, in addition to older people, have died from the flu in recent years. Therefore, you must protect yourself. Doing nothing is not a good option.

Homeopaths have objected to vaccinations for decades because of the negative impact on the immune system. Viral infections can often be treated effectively with homeopathy and Oscillicoccinum is the biggest selling product of Boiron, probably the largest medical company in the world supplying homeopathic remedies. The reason is that it works extremely well in preventing or ameliorating the flu when taken at first sign of infection.

Furthermore, new immune enhancing nutritional supplements are potentially better than a vaccine at protecting against a flu. The flu shot this year is based on the best guess of the viral strain. About 50% of the time, that guess is wrong. Even when it is right, a substantial number of people getting the flu shot will still get the flu. Clinical studies show that Transfer Factor Plus enhances the power of the immune system substantially better that other immune supplements and it routinely protects me from the flu, colds, and other infections on my frequent airline travels.

The combination of Oscillicoccinum and an immune enhancing supplement suppressed a flu epidemic in my company in a single afternoon a couple of years ago. This was after everyone was infected in a small confined office of about 50 people. I wouldn’t be without it and it is my preventive measure of choice.

Consult your physician about this because you need to do something and you may jointly conclude that the flu shot is the best choice in your case.

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