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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Basic Reading on the State of Cancer Research

A new supplement to The Scientist is basic reading for anyone interested in affecting cancer with frequency devices. In particular, if you do not adopt many of the strategies outlined in these articles you will not be successful.

The Scientist

Volume 17 | Supplement 2 | September 22, 2003

Editorial | New Frontiers in Cancer Research

Preventing Cancer

The unraveling of the genetic roots of cancer highlights more controllable risk factors

Aberrant Signaling

Overlapping and interacting, the pathways that control the cell cycle can resemble a plate of spaghetti, and when dysfunctional, can lead to cancer

Dysfunctional Signaling Pathways in Cancer

The Ubiquitin System in Cancer

Is protein degradation or preservation a key to saving patients?

DNA Expression Profiling: A New Lens on Cancer

The seeds of spread may be sown early

Setting the Stage for Cancer

Diagnosing Cancer: A Genomics and Proteomics Approach

Detecting tumors earlier and integrating diagnostics more closely with therapeutic decisions should improve survival

Birth of an Epithelial Cancer

The Current Status of Cancer Treatment

Targeted therapy takes hold, but mysteries of tumor susceptibility and resistance to drugs persist

Into the Future

Personalized medicine will ride a tide of precise new biomarkers and drugs

Frequency of Cancers Around the World

The 21st Century War on Cancer

Researchers look for more coordination among government, organizations, and industry