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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

Cancer Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy Research

Emerging Opportunity: Cancer Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy

Mark Neveu, The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

Explore! Volume 12, Number 4, 2003


The scientific principles of biology and physics are converging to provide novel approaches for the treatment of disease. In contrast to the destructive ionizing effects of conventional radiation therapies, electromagnetic therapy (EMT) acts to reversibly ‘tickle’ the vibrational frequencies of biological molecules to modify cellular activities. By non-invasively balancing cellular vibratory circuits, EMT can directly influence the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms. The scientific rationale of EMT is reinforced by the “high tech” method that uses electromagnetic properties of biological molecules to identify new drugs ( FDA approved EMT devices to reduce pain and stimulate healing are the first developments in this newly evolving field. Recently, international clinic scouts from the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM) have identified an increasing trend in the use of non-invasive EMT devices to treat cancer patients outside the United States. If effectiveness can be scientifically documented, EMT has the potential to provide a non-invasiveand minimally toxic method to jump-start the body’s own tumor rejection process. Clinical experience has documented rapid and “spontaneous” remissions, showing that under the appropriate conditions the disease fighting and repair processes of the body can destroy even the most aggressive cancers. In the future, EMT devices might be able to therapeutically manage cancer by “resetting” the body, similar to the way electrical defibrillators “reset” normal heart function. NFAM has examined the biology and physics of EMT to determine if this non-invasive technology can be explained by accepted scientific principles. The purpose of this document is to demystify the field of EMT for the general reader, and to discuss the great potential of cancer EMT. A more rigorous technical review will be available from NFAM upon request. Based on the scientific rationale and preliminary clinical results presented, NFAM is seeking financial support to investigate medical records and treatment protocols necessary to generate our website clinic reports for patients and practitioners. Our goal is to identify three clinics to fund collaborative Phase II clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of EMT for cancer.


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