PatientKeeper Personal: Pretty Good Medical Record on a Palm Pilot

I use a Palm Pilot (actually my Kyocera SmartPhone) to drive my F100 frequency generator which powers my EM6C+ device built by Bruce Stenulson and my Advanced BioPhoton Analyzers (ABPA) available from Dale Fawcett. Keeping track of all the frequencies, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies used to treat various conditions is a challenge.

Why not keep all the information on clinical protocols, frequency treatments, homeopathic remedies, and even meds prescribed by your physician in a Palm program used by over 45,000 of the leading physicians in the United States. I’ve found I can customize CBC lab panels, including charts and graphs, to use frequencies! Check out PatientKeeper Personal. It is an extremely cool app.

Better Information Leads to Better Care

Maulin Shah, M.D. – Creator of PatientKeeper Personal

PatientKeeper Personal is a complete patient management system on your handheld device. It keeps track of patient lists, medications, problems, labs and more for each of your patients. It can be used in both the clinic and hospital settings as a “peripheral chart”, so you always have the information you need to make good decisions. Furthermore, once you take the time to enter the data into PatientKeeper Personal, you can use the data in a number of ways, including automating note writing, tracking days of medications, sending information to other colleagues, and more. Once you get accustomed to having all your patients’ information with you at all times, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

From a technology standpoint, PatientKeeper is in a class of its own. The engineers at PatientKeeper have just completed work on the third generation of this software and have engineered a system that is infinitely flexible and extensible to help you personalize your PatientKeeper Personal to meet your needs. A common framework and user-interface allow easy navigation between modules. Standard modules include Lab Results, NoteWriter, Medication List, Problem List, amongst others, but you can easily customize this list of active modules to fit your needs. For example, as a medical student, I may have used all of the PatientKeeper Personal modules, but now as I prepare to take my first faculty position, I use fewer, trusting the interns and students to track the finer details. Furthermore, PatientKeeper Personal can be extended to include more functions by adding modules authored by other companies that have their own expertise in clinical computing, but that do not have the time or interest in re-inventing the entire architecture of a patient management system. The end result is that you have one patient list, but countless functions you can take advantage of for your patients..


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