Electromagnetic Fields Directly Affect Mitosis of Cancer Cells

Studies on the Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Cellular Culture

(ISSN: 1062-4767)

Suleyman Seckiner Gorgun, Collegno, Italy

Stan Truman recently provided a link to the Gorgan paper above which is unique in that it shows how electromagnetic frequencies have a direct effect on cancer cells. I used to have a link to this paper directly to Gorgun’s university site but the institution put a password on it. Either too many people were hitting it or it was too hot a topic! The paper is published in an obscure journal at Temple University which is not online.

There is clearly sufficient research in the literature to indicate that electromagnetic fields have significant effects on microorganisms and on function of human cells to justify mainstream research in electronic medicine. The problem is funding priorities and raising the priority of these studies on the research agenda in academia or private companies. I’ve presented some of my findings on using electromagnetic frequencies to kill microorganisms at MIT on multiple occassions and some of the leading scientists on the planet have told me this is an interesting field and described exactly what to do to get results published in the leading journals.

I spent 11 years on the faculty of one of the leading U.S. medical schools and if I was still there could get lab assistance and direct some funds into this area. Unfortunately, I am now employed in healthcare computer science so my years of experience in NIH funded cancer research are now my avocation, rather than vocation.

Based on my background as one of the pioneers in the current paradigm of carcinogenesis, I’ve used my spare time to evolve research strategies that appear to help (at least a few) cancer patients repeatedly and reliably.

The first step is to knock out organisms that cause cancer, the Rife organism, certain viruses, parasites and fungi that depress the immune system and promote tumor growth.

The second step is to go directly after cellular function of malignant cells (as noted in the Gorgun paper referenced in one of Stan’s notes above) and stop mitosis of the cells causing cell death. Frequencies in the range of 11.3MHZ to 11.9MHZ do this repeatedly. A narrow band of a few hertz will knock out specific tumor cell populations. Unfortunately, each tumor cell population has a different frequency. Identifying them for most people is like finding a needle in a hay stack. You can get definitive peaks for these frequencies with an FSCAN2.

While this appears to reliably stop specific populations of malignant cells, many premalignant cells remain. If there are any factors promoting evolution of these cells to malignancy you will continually find new malignant cell populations arising. So “curing” cancer is no easy task. You must get at the root of premalignant cell populations by altering the cellular environment to promote normalcy. This usually requires changes in nutrition, eliminating of any toxic substances in the body, ongoing prevention, and eliminating microorganisms that are aggravating the problem.

Dick Loyd gets pretty good results by scanning around the 11.7MHZ range with his plasma devices which can operate at this high frequency range. He doesn’t worry about specific frequencies which I focus on.

The bottom line is that an MRI puts out a high power electromagnetic field that is going to destroy any organisms that are susceptible to frequencies generated. Also, the lower octaves of the 11.7MHZ range frequencies will also impact cell function and I recommend those regularly for people who have older FSCANs or Rife plasma device restricted to below the 10000hz range. It would be interesting to do analysis of exact frequencies of various MRI machines and notice any effect they have on cancer patients.

The reason it is difficult for a newcomer to make sense of this field is that exact frequencies are required to generate repeatable and reliable results. Any published frequency sets are only going to be guidelines of where to look, not frequencies that will precisely destroy organisms or alter cellular function. Most people have no way of reliably obtaining exact frequencies.

Second, chronic diseases are typically supported by interactions of multiple organisms. Identify frequencies for each organism and treating them in concert is necessary for reliable results in many cases.

Third, many organisms have multiple frequencies such as parasites which have four or more stages to the life cycle, each with a different frequency. All must be identified and treated simultaneously to get the desired effect. There are pleomorphic organisms (same DNA with multiple forms) like the Rife organism that also must be simultaneously treated with multiple exact frequencies. There are viruses, like the flu, that typically have as many as seven different forms. Treating one just causes another form to appear. Most Rifers are unable to cure a flu in 15 minutes because they cannot obtain the exact frequencies and apply them simultaneously.

In summary, you must (1) have a biological model of the disease, (2) have a clinical protocol that addresses the biological model, and (3) have precise frequencies, treatment times, and number of treatments required to get repeatable, reliable, results. The few individuals that can do this get more reliable results than most conventional medical treatments.


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