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Jeff Sutherland

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Electromagnetic fields induce apoptosis in cancer cells

Those of us working in electronic medicine known that frequencies can inhibit growth and destroy cancer cells. New research is continuing to document this effect.

ELF-Eletromagnetic Fields Inhibit the Proliferation of Human Cancer Cells and Induce Apoptosis

Lijun Pang, Nelly Traitcheva, Gislinde Gothe, Juan A. Camacho Gomez, Hermann Berg

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine , Volume 21 , Issue 3

Abstract: Weak and low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields (ELF-MF) can be applied to change cell metabolism, if cells are treated in a specific range of frequency and amplitude. In our case, the influence on proliferation of human K562 cells has been studied by applying a sinusoidal 50 Hz field of magnetic flux densities (B) between 2 and 13 mT for 2 or 4 days. In repeating all runs three times—counting each day—no difference between experiment and control was found below 6 mT. However, stronger field amplitudes inhibit cell division and induce apoptosis and necrosis as shown by flow cytometry. Treatment with 10 mT decreases the number of living cells to only 2% of the control. This electromagnetically induced apoptosis may be a first step for a noninvasive treatment of cancer tissue for inhibition of its proliferation.
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