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EM FAQ: What Frequency Device Should I Use to Kill Pathogens?

I started this web site as an FSCAN FAQ, answers to frequently asked questions about the FSCAN. After working with hundreds of people using many different types of devices, I need an Electronic Medicine FAQ or an ElectroMagnetic device FAQ, or EM FAQ.

Various people have asked me a lot of questions this week and even to write a book. For now, the web site will have to do. I’ll try to accumulate information in a form that can be used to create a book in the future. Meanwhile, here are a couple of frequently asked questions that were asked again this week.

Does it matter what frequency device I use?

The simple answer is no. If you can select an exact frequency for a pathogen and get energy transfer at that frequency to the pathogen, the device doesn’t matter. Some enthusiasts are on an endless search for the magic bullet device that will make them successful. Some are trying to recreate the device that Rife used successfully. I don’t think that will solve the problem. Any good frequency generator can work.

That said, if your device puts out a well formed square wave, you will get better results. If it is a pad device you need positive DC offset. It is very useful to be able to add a gating or pulsing frequency to the primary frequency. In addition, being able to control the duty cycle of the device or the percent time the waveform is above zero volts is important, particularly for certain organisms. These factors can shorten treatment time from hours to minutes or seconds if used properly.

It is extremely useful to be able to program all these parameters in a simple scripting language that precisely articulates the treatment pattern which is why the F100 series devices are commonly used to drive EMEM plasma systems.

Getting energy transfer to the target organism is essential to success. The relative utility of emitting frequencies via pads, handheld electrodes, magnetic devices, plasma tubes, is largely related to the ability to penetrate the body to hit pathogens in internal organs. A handheld electrode will generate an effective magnetic field about one inch from the electrode, while a magnetic pad will penetrate several inches. A powerful EMEM device will fill an entire room with an electromagnetic field. An Advanced BioPhoton Analyzer transmits independent of distance and will penetrate every cell in the body.

Power transfer to the pathogy is critical. Low power may annoy it where higher power will kill it. For some organisms in some internal organs, you will never get enough power transfer with a pad device without plate zapping using microscopic slides of target tissue. Plate zapping is possible with any device, including plasma devices.

Pad or handheld electrode devices like the FSCAN2 or F100 series devices used stand alone are best for initial use. EMEM devices are powerful devices that are best used by people with some expertise. I don’t like exposure to radio frequency fields and avoid RF devices, so I use Bruce Stenulson’s EM devices which do not emit RF fields.

All of this said, what really matters is the ability to detect exact frequencies within a few hertz for specific pathogens. Without the exact frequency, success will be sporadic at best, no matter what device you use. I believe this is what made Rife successful. He actually did not understand much about frequencies, nor did he have the accurate, solid state devices we now use for frequency generators. What he did have was a powerful microscope that allowed him to see pathogens self-destruct when he tuned his plasma device to the right setting. In this way he got the exact frequency. Attempts to reproduce his device without the exact frequencies will not meet with success.

If I just run all the Rife frequency sets that I find on the Internet, will I solve my problem?

To me, this question is like asking if I take a shotgun and shoot it in random directions, will I kill something that is bothering me? Some people are building powerful devices that do this automatically. The answer is yes, maybe, but there will be collateral damage.

Electromagnetic fields can effect cells positively or negatively. There is plenty of research that show, for example, that cell phones negatively affect cell function, and this can be clearly seen in blood analysis. I try to minimize my exposure to my cell phone and minimize my exposure to frequency devices.

The best approach is to identify the specific target organism, the specific location of the organism, and, like an expert marksman, fire one shot that eliminates the target without affecting anything else.
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