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Jeff Sutherland

Twice the Energy with Half the Stress

What To Do When the Doctor Tells You It’s Your Imagination

The best homeopaths have known for a hundred years that treating the patients symptoms works, even when they think the patient is nuts!

Well, guess what, most of the time the patient isn’t the one who is nuts. A lead article in the Boston Globe today reports an usual finding.

Pain study points to a mirror image

By Carey Goldberg, Globe Staff, 4/2/2004

For more than a century, doctors have reported cases of a mysterious phenomenon: When a patient’s arm or leg was injured, the opposite limb would sometimes feel chronic pain, as well.

Now, Massachusetts General Hospital research on rats suggests that such opposite-limb symptoms may stem from a previously unrecognized connection of pinpoint accuracy between the nerves on one side of the body and the mirror-image spot on the other side.

The research provides the “first conclusive proof” that trauma on one side of the body can cause opposite-side nerve damage, said Dr. Gary J. Bennett of McGill University in Montreal, a leading pain specialist who was not involved in the research. “There’s no precedent for this; it’s a completely out-of-the-blue discovery.”