FatBusters: Beyond Liposuction

The Boston Globe reported today on how important it is to remove fat around internal organs which tends to cause serious chronic diseases. New laproscopic surgical techniques are being developed to do this.

On 20 March 2004, I posted an item from Nature News on MIT using high frequency, high voltage, electromagnetic pulses to cause cell apoptosis, the mechanism by which cells commit suicide when something is wrong with them.

A much safer, low voltage or better yet, no voltage at all technique, can be used to create the same effect assuming you have the right equipment and exactly the right frequencies. Educator, Dale Fawcett (360) 598-6585, has been experimenting with this technique and can tell those interested how we have been approaching it.

Removing fat slowly and gently over time is not a panacea for weight reduction. That is controlled by the ratio of calorie intake (food) to calorie output (exercise). It will, however, shift the fat to muscle ratio and make you look trimmer. And you will definitely be healthier without fat around those internal organs, particularly the hard fat you can feel in the abdominal region mentioned in the Boston Globe article. This is the stuff that nothing seems to take off, not even exercise, as you get older.

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