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Jeff Sutherland

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Nanobacteria: Mayo cultures them and skeptics dismiss them

I surprised that there is so much controversy about nanobacteria when they can clearly be seen under a microscope hiding out in cell walls and dramatic clinical effects are immediately evident when you kill them with electronic frequencies. The ignorance of “modern” medicine is sometimes appalling.

About half the people I test have a nanobacteria infection, most of them asymptomatic. When they apply the correct frequencies to themselves, their immune system starts working better immediately and they notice they need less sleep at night. One researcher eliminated this organism in a teenager with a severe infection who was sleeping almost constantly, to the point that his parents were concerned about his survival. He turned into a normal kid overnight.

Nanobacteria revelations provoke new controversy

New Scientist, 19 May 04

Some claim they are a new life form responsible for a wide-range of diseases, including the calcification of the arteries that afflicts us all as we age. Others say they are simply too small to be living creatures.

Now a team of doctors has entered the fray surrounding the existence or otherwise of nanobacteria. After four years’ work, the team, based at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has come up with some of the best evidence yet that they do exist.

Cautiously titled “Evidence of nanobacterial-like structures in human calcified arteries and cardiac valves”, the paper by John Lieske and his team describes how they isolated minuscule cell-like structures from diseased human arteries…

These particles self-replicated in culture, and could be identified with an antibody and a DNA stain. “The evidence is suggestive,” is all Lieske claims.

Critics are not convinced. “I just don’t think this is real,” says Jack Maniloff of the University of Rochester in New York. “It is the cold fusion of microbiology.” John Cisar of the National Institutes of Health is equally sceptical. “There are always people who are trying to keep this alive. It’s like it is on life support.”

See also: Claim made for new form of life by Paul Rincon, BBC News Online science staff

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