Digital Camera Technology: Preferred camera for frequency analysis

I get a lot of questions about digital cameras and which ones are best for use in frequency analysis. I’ve had photos sent to me taken by all major camera vendor products. Most of them will not produce a native TIF file on the camera and, as a result, are not as useful as the Sony DSCV1 described below. I have several digital cameras and use the DSCV1 exclusively for frequency analysis. The only photo sent to me that I liked as well as DSCV1 photos was taken with a much more expensive Nikon digital camera.

I hope this the photo below amazes you as much as it amazed me. As I walked out of my house on the evening of 8 Nov 2003 after a family dinner, we looked up and noticed the moon getting dark. Since I had not read CNN news on the lunar eclipse, I had no idea this would be happening. I ran in and grabbed my Sony DSC-V1 digital camera and without any adjustments whatsever took the following shot. You can see the roof of my house on the right. Blowing up this photo, it was blurred by hand movement during the lengthy automatic exposure.

Running back into the house to retrieve my tripod, I captured the following shot. No adjustments to the camera. No retouching of the photo.

I’m posting this within minutes of taking the picture and I think you will agree that it almost as good as the 1993 NASA telescopic photo published on the web by CNN today. Digital camera technology has become truly awesome.


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