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Jeff Sutherland

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Longevinex Gene Activation Supports Life Extension

Longevinex™: First Red Wine Dietary Supplement To Confirm Biological Activity (Activation of Sirtuin 1 Gene)

An independent laboratory test confirms that Longevinex™, a red wine dietary supplement, exhibits significant biological activity, potently activating the Sirtuin 1 gene, known as a survival factor in living cells. Resveratrol is a component of red wine and is well known for its healthy properties.

Among 14 brands of resveratrol dietary supplements independently tested, only Longevinex exhibited significant biological activity. At equal concentrations, none of the other 13 brands of resveratrol exhibited significant Sirtuin 1 activity. Longevinex (3.551) has six times greater effect than the best other resveratrol supplement (0.499). A number of resveratrol supplements exhibited biological activity that was barely measurable.

Surprisingly, three non-resveratrol supplements (IP6 rice bran extract 0.966, butyric acid 1.214 and genistein soy extract 1.393), produced 2-3 times greater Sirtuin 1 gene activity than 13 brands of resveratrol, though these products were not considered to exhibit significant biological activity either.

A freshly published report in Nature Magazine last week confirms that resveratrol mimics the beneficial biological effects of calorie restriction. Previous studies have shown that pure resveratrol exhibits the strongest Sirtuin 1 activation levels among 17 polyphenol molecules tested. [Nature 425(6954):191-6, Sept 11, 2003].

But the question remains, do dietary supplements exhibit significant biological activity similar to the laboratory-grade resveratrol? This study confirms that it is possible for resveratrol dietary supplements to exhibit significant biological activity (i.e. Sirtuin 1 gene activation) at achievable concentrations in living cells.