Electromagnetic Fields Disrupt Cancer Cells

Cancer Research has just published a paper on electromagnetic (EM) field effects on cancer cells. There are numerous papers in the biophysics journals using random frequencies to achieve effects reported by Prof. Lai at the Rife International Conference this weekend in Seattle. However, this is one of the first papers published in a leading cancer research journal.

It is amazing to me that researchers keep getting results without using the correct frequencies. If they knew what they were doing they would kill all the cancer cells in these experiments.

Disruption of cancer cell replication by alternating electric fields.

Kirson ED, Gurvich Z, Schneiderman R, Dekel E, Itzhaki A, Wasserman Y, Schatzberger R, Palti Y.

Cancer Res. 2004 May 1;64(9):3288-95.

Low-intensity, intermediate-frequency (100-300 kHz), alternating electric fields, delivered by means of insulated electrodes, were found to have a profound inhibitory effect on the growth rate of a variety of human and rodent tumor cell lines (Patricia C, U-118, U-87, H-1299, MDA231, PC3, B16F1, F-98, C-6, RG2, and CT-26) and malignant tumors in animals. This effect, shown to be nonthermal, selectively affects dividing cells while quiescent cells are left intact. These fields act in two modes: arrest of cell proliferation and destruction of cells while undergoing division. Both effects are demonstrated when such fields are applied for 24 h to cells undergoing mitosis that is oriented roughly along the field direction. The first mode of action is manifested by interference with the proper formation of the mitotic spindle, whereas the second results in rapid disintegration of the dividing cells. Both effects, which are frequency dependent, are consistent with the computed directional forces exerted by these specific fields on charges and dipoles within the dividing cells. In vivo treatment of tumors in C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice (B16F1 and CT-26 syngeneic tumor models, respectively), resulted in significant slowing of tumor growth and extensive destruction of tumor cells within 3-6 days. These findings demonstrate the potential applicability of the described electric fields as a novel therapeutic modality for malignant tumors.

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